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Last mile: sustainable delivery services in Pamplona

Última milla: paquetería y distribución Pamplona

When a city decides to designate traffic-free zones, businesses and residents alike immediately wonder how their goods are going to get to their front door

Delivery of goods in Pamplona’s city centre

At Oraintxe we’ve spent forever going back and forth about this, trying to find the best possible solution to the dilemma. What we’ve found has exceeded all expectations. By using lightweight, environmentally-friendly vehicles, we can easily access traffic-free zones, respectfully sharing the space with pedestrians.


Eco-friendly vehicles offer a friendlier, greener approach to business

Our mainstay is the bicycle. But when two wheels aren’t enough, we use pedal-powered electric tricycles, which allow us to easily carry cargo of up to 1 cubic meter and 250 kg. With these vehicles we can deliver to certain locations much more easily than with a van.

... and it gets to you better and faster

By using bicycles there are no time restrictions in traffic-free zones, so we can deliver your consignment any time of day. We’ll even arrange the best drop-off time with the recipient. This offers greater and better delivery capabilities and increased satisfaction for both the sender and the receiver.y mejor capacidad de entrega y una mayor satisfacción del que envía y del que recibe.

Moreover, our offices and warehouses are located in the center of Pamplona, which gives us a competitive edge. Not only is it easier to comply with pre-arranged collection and delivery times, but customers can also stop by our offices to drop off their consignments without waiting or going out of their way.

It’s now possible for a business or private party to have a parcel delivered to one of Pamplona’s traffic-free zones without worrying about how and when it will arrive.

And the same thing goes for anyone who wants to send a parcel.

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You can find us at Nueva 121 and San Antón 64, Pamplona (Spain)