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Trust us with your national and international shipments, whether urgent or less so. We’ll deliver every parcel with care.

"Besides my local consignments, I also have things I need to ship elsewhere. Will I need to work with 2 or 3 different companies?"

Of course not. At Oraintxe we’ll handle all your local deliveries and find the best possible combination for your international logistics, no matter how far afield. We work with partners worldwide, selecting the best alternative based on destination, urgency and type of consignment – no matter how demanding the delivery.


We’ll help you to save time, money and, above all, headaches

Centralizing all local, national and international courier services will save you time. No need to deal with separate consignments or incidents that can occur during transport. What might seem like a simple thing at first can turn into a nightmare when things go wrong. Working with a single provider you know and trust can save you time and a lot of hassles. Relax and let Oraintxe solve the problem.

We’ll see to the tracking and tracing

In fact, we’ll also make sure all of your consignments are delivered according to the specific instructions in the delivery confirmation. Should any irregularity occur, we’ll work closely with our clients to solve the problem quickly and painlessly, sparing no resources.

We use the best and most reliable companies for our shipments, all of which provide us with real-time tracking capabilities. 

We’ll follow each step of your parcel’s journey – at no extra cost.

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